Prince Diamond - Sailor Moon R (Anime)

Prince Diamond - my first white-haired obsession

Prince Diamond/Demando

Series: Sailor Moon R

Age: 19-25 (Can't find an accurate age... every source says different!)

Notes: Prince Diamond is the head of the villainous Dark Moon family, and is bent on destroying the past to help take over the Crystal Tokyo of his time. He is very much infatuated with Neo Queen Serenity and therefore, Sailor Moon.

Prince Diamond was my very first light-haired bishie obsession from years ago, when Cartoon Network's Sailor Moon was the only anime I ever watched. From the very second he came on the screen, he had me hooked with his looks and voice (which, for a dub, was pretty damn good.) Who knew it would take me down the path that would eventually lead to a site like this? ^_~ At the moment, I only have pictures that I had saved during my obsession - when I get the DVDs, I will take better pictures. ^_^