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UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Reopening soon!

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muraki's doujinshi delight

Explicit yaoi fun. Hundreds of doujinshi and manga for your boy-on-boy browsing pleasure.

Includes series such as Final Fantasy, Fruits Basket, Harry Potter, Gravitation, Get Backers, Card Captor Sakura, Hikaru no Go, Fushigi Yuugi, Rurouni Kenshin, Saiyuki, Slam Dunk, Weiss Kruez, Yami no Matsuei, Level C, J-Rock, anthologies, and more.

Also includes manga from Chi-ran, Dr. Ten, Tori Maia, Sakura Ashika, Megumu Minami, Mika Sadahiro, Reiichi Hiiro, and many more more.
snowdrop :: a tribute to light-haired bishounen

Mandatory fangirlish shrine. Oodles of prettyboy pictures to satisfy your light-haired desires. White, silver, lavender, pale blue. No blondes here!

Includes pretty boys such as Sephiroth, Muraki, Ayame, Balmung, Prince Diamond, Kurama, Larva, Sesshoumaru, Yue, and many more!
vamppy's cel gallery

Small gallery of my animation cels. Once huge, the gallery has now been reduced to a small handful of cels from Card Captor Sakura, and one from Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates.
eric mabius

Started in 1999, this was the first and largest fan site for actor Eric Mabius. While currently inactive, I am hoping to refresh it with new content in early 2007.

Eric Mabius is best known for his TV work in Ugly Betty and season 1 of Showtime's The L Word. His popular movies include Resident Evil and The Crow: Salvation.
deviant art

They won't allow my explicit Aka x Ginji picture, but otherwise you can find my art and craft work here.

Gackt needs no introduction ^_~ Under-developed, yet functional. Large assortment of Gackt & Malice Mizer video screenshots.

This site will be developed and greatly expanded in early 2007. Keep on the lookout!

A gallery devoted to my best man, my dearly departed cat, Patches.
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