Yaoi, yaoi, yaoi...

Welcome to one of the biggest yaoi manga and doujinshi scan collections on the net! This started off as a gallery of my personal yaoi collection, however it is growing to include even more beautiful boy-on-boy works of art.

This site features hundreds of books across dozens of anime / video game series and original authors, mostly in the original Japanese language. You'll also find some J-Rock, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Pirates of the Caribbean! Anything with pretty boys to slash up together!

Some books will have a few scans, others will have many - if you would like to see more, I encourage you to purchase the printed books! You may view the links page to see a list of my favorite Japanese yaoi stores.

If you are interested in actually READING THE PLOT ^_^; then I urge you to head over to my Yaoi Shop to purchase yaoi and shounen-ai manga IN ENGLISH! Please note that most of the books here have already left my collection, so the only books for sale are in the Yaoi Shop!

Muraki Kazutaka of Yami no Matsuei fame is our host, because he certainly looks like he'd have a lot of twisted man-sex books in his library. ^_^

If you are interested in having your work featured in my gallery, please contact me. I am open to any kinds of relevant works (not just books!)


March 1, 2008: Everyone who is familiar with my site will notice THE BIG CHANGE™. Yes! This site was not dead, just on a long hiatus, but it is back and better than ever! All of the old content is still available, and you will find much, much, MUCH more in the near future.

Disclaimer & Copyright

Yaoi refers to adult themed male-on-male sexual situations. Some of the images within this site are of a mature nature and should only be viewed by those with mature minds, or those of the legal age in their locale - whichever won't get me in trouble. Use your discretion, and if these themes do not interest you, PLEASE find your way out before you view something that may offend you. For those that are remaining, thank you, and have a safe and fun ride!

Layout and content is copyright to the owner of vamppire.com and may NOT be mirrored for your own sites. We really don't need two sites that are the same, ne? Books are copyrighted to their respectful owners and are on display on this site in the spirit of promoting the works. I encourage everyone to purchase the printed materials so you can enjoy these beautiful books in full and help support the artists.