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Welcome to my little corner of the cel community! I began collecting cels in December, 2002. Yukito has been my main collecting interest, though I enjoy other characters and series as well. I used to hold one of the largest Yukito cel galleries around, but recently I greatly trimmed down my collection. What you see here are my favorites. I am not quitting collecting, but I am going to be much more picky in the future. ^_^

Enjoy your stay! Drop me an email if you have anything on my wishlist or to give me some feedback on my site! I love feedback! Do note however, that none of these cels are for sale unless otherwise noted. Thanks! ^_^ Don't forget to click the links below to visit my friend's cel gallery and my Yaoi Doujinshi site! *purrs*

Note: Most cel descriptions contain spoilers!

Recent Updates:

04.08.05 - Cel sale over. Thanks everyone! 02.05.05 - More cels on sale! This is my final sale.

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