Shido Tatsuhiko - NightWalker (Anime)

Shido, my favorite lil anime vampire!

Shido Tatsuhiko

Series: NightWalker: Midnight Detective

Age: ?

Notes: Shido is a vampire whose memory was erased, so he does not remember much from his human years. He works as a private investigator, though he spends much of his time hunting the city's dangerous "Nightbreeds." He can form his blood into swords, whips, and other weapons. He is being pursued by his creator, Kain.

The series' art changes after a few episodes - Shido's eyes become green, and his hair gets longer and darker/more gray. I prefer the second style of art, personally. (Kain looks much better, too) ^_^

And, because everyone visiting this site obviously loves their hot Japanese men... it is worth noting that the opening song for this series is sung by the real-life-bishie Atsushi Sakurai of BUCK-TICK. For a dose of J-Rock hotness, check out the NightWalker OP, Gessekai and another of their songs, Sasayaki, which is quite possibly the hottest thing in the universe.