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Eyes Rutherford (Spiral) - Young, beautiful, cursed White... silver... lavender... pale blue... The light-haired bishounen shows up often and is loved by many fangirls and boys out there. From cruel villain to pretty femme-dude, light-haired anime men always steal the spotlight. There is just something incredibly intriguing and irresistible about them. ^_^

Welcome to my home for these pale-haired beauties. You will find hundreds of pictures to feast your eyes on! Use the squares on the top to navigate through the site. More men will be added as I acquire more pictures.

Enjoy your stay! You may play with them here for as long as you wish, but please don't take them home to your own websites. ^_~ It took me a long time to set up their place here. Thank you!

What About Blondes?

If anyone deserves a shrine, it is Ayame!  'Behold my magnificence!' (Fruits Basket) This site will not feature blondes. I know they are technically light-haired too, but I actually usually do not like blondes. *Gets whipped by Nakago* Ow!! Sorry sorry, besides you, Nakkie-poo! *cowers from Yuki Eiri's scowl* Eep... besides you t-- mmfffhfh *gets gun shoved down my throat by Mr. K* MMfmfmff!

Okay, so maybe I do like some blondes - but there will be no yellow hair on this site. ^_^

You forgot *insert name here*!

Shido (Nightwalker) - Blood-sucking bishie

I know this site is not complete - there are some men I want to add, but do not have pictures of them yet. There are others that I still need to discover. I will put them up when I can ^_^ I received many suggestions for the site already, so there are plenty on my list of "coming soon." If you want to suggest a bishie, feel free to contact me, but to be honest, I may never get around to updating with them. We shall see! Thanks!

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Muraki (Yami no Matsuei) - The dark side of light bishies

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Larva (Vampire Princess Miyu) - Demon Bishie

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