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Patches' Eulogy

Hi Patches. It's Mommy. Its been 9 days since you left us, and we miss you terribly.  I'm so sorry I couldn't do anything to save you, and I'm so so sorry your last moments with us were upsetting.  We were just trying to do the right thing.  I hope you're in a much better place now, and that you'll wait for us.  Please take good care of Froggie, Spike and Rocky, and all of my Hammies until I get there.

I hope you approve of your burial place... we think its a nice plot and we ordered a nice stone for ya.. you know if I had the money I would build a huge monument for you!  We'll be sure to keep up the flower care so your grave always looks nice... and I'll be visiting often with my own flowers and making sure they're doing what they're supposed to be doing.

Misty misses you too.  She kept looking for you every day after you were gone, and she gets very lonely when we aren't around.  She meows at the front door when she hears us coming home, and now she won't let me sleep in the morning after Grandma and Grandpa go to work and she's all alone out there, she constantly meows and scratches my door.  The little girl loved you, despite how much she picked on you!

I miss the way you'd come sit by me at dinner or whenever I had food.. and the way you used to always come in my room and kneed Bear and meow at me because for some reason you wanted me to watch you kneed him!  I miss how we used to play with Blankie, and how you'd jump out at me from behind the couch and scare me.  I miss you running when I opened the patio door and how you used to just love to be outside and how you'd go straight for the plants and nibble on them.  I miss how you used to always know when it was UPS coming up and not just Dad or someone else and how you'd go hide from them.  I miss the look you'd give us when we had the milk out and you wanted some.  I miss you stretching on my leg and headbutting me.. and the look you used to get when I'd give you a good backscratch.  You were just starting to like being brushed, I'm sorry I never got to finish working on your matted fur and making you so nice and smooth and handsome.  I miss the way you'd lick my hand when I pet you.  I miss the times I had to pick you up and you were so huge in my arms!  I miss how you would roll over so we could rub your belly with our foot.  I miss you giving me your paw like I taught you.  I miss the way you "buried" food you didn't like.  I miss the way you would lick the catnip bag and bite it and growl and wouldn't let anyone take it away.  I miss the look you'd give when I tried giving you food that smelled funny.  I miss the few times you'd actually lay on my lap.  I miss watching you scare Misty for a change.  I miss the way you'd greet us when we came home.  I miss telling people about all the cute or funny things you do every day.  I'll miss giving you your stocking and presents at Christmas... I miss kissing you goodnight.

You were like my baby and my best friend, I loved you so much, I hope you knew that.  I'll never be the same again now that you're gone, a piece of me went with you when you left.  I miss you everyday and I will forever.  Please wait for me and watch over us.  I love you baby.


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