Yaoi Gallery ... Tori Maia

Name: Kyouhansha ni Kuchizuke wo - Sadistic Boy #1

Circle/Author: Tori Maia

Pairing: n/a... Explicit BDSM Yaoi

Pages: 164

Size: B6

Notes: Well. Tori Maia. Introduced to my by the lovely gals at Yaoi Daily. Tori Maia is one of the goddesses XD She specializes in extreme BDSM yaoi and very, very pretty men.

Due to the extreme nature of her books, I'm finding it pretty hard to follow the underlying plots. I can get a feel for who is friends with whom, and whatnot, but why they are all doing these things and why certain things are going on is just beyond me LOL. Anywho, this Sadistic Boy series seems to focus on three cuties who just love doing naughty things to each other (and I think they all do it willingly despite the looks of anguish on their faces), and a certain other sadistic seme who takes pleasure in torturing all of them as well.

These books are not for the timid! Cover-to-cover hardcore BDSM smut. I love it. XD