Turn back now!

Uh oh. You've stumbled across my page of Really Disturbing Doujinshi. Browsing the doujinshi categories of Yahoo! Japan auctions leads to some very interesting discoveries. There's the ugly, the disproportioned, the scary, the "WTF?" and just the downright... disturbing. Some of them are even from series that I normally enjoy, which makes it all the more horrifying.

Prepared to be shocked and traumatized, and maybe even be sent into a fit of laughter. (I know some of these made me laugh harder than I had for awhile!). Some of these images may not be suitable to minors, pregnant women, and those with heart conditions. ^_~

Everyone else.... keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times, and enjoy ^_~ Note, I do not own these books, except for the ones that are marked as such.

Disclaimer: No offense intended.. I actually own or was planning to buy a couple of the [less disturbing] ones here. You might like some of the books here - and I certainly can't draw better than most of them, so I have no right to complain! But it's all in good fun. ^_^